Duchy of Avaland



  • short information

    • Server: Europe (Selene)
    • Kingdom: Kingdom of Nirath
    • Player count:  ~200 (within Duchy)
    • Biome: Braodlef Forest
    • Tribe: Kypiq & Neran
    • Discord: Join us on Discord!


Who are we?

The Dutree of Avaland is the most populated Duchy within the Kingdom of Nirath on Selene (EU-Server). Avaland is located in the dense and diverse broadleaf forests of the north, which is native to the Kypiq Tribe.

While the Kypiq make up the majority of the inhabitants of Avaland, they also share the forest with many Neran as well as some Brudvir and Waerd, that also call Avaland their home.

Avaland provides a place for all players, groups and guilds that appriciate a helpfull and cohesive community, which focuses on having fun in game (incl. roleplaying) as well as in real live (community meetings). It is you, the player, that matters to us and just your ingame character.


Although English is the language that unites all players in Elyira, we also support player communities that speak other native languages. Avaland is already home to the oldest German-speaking Comminity in Chronicles of Eylria as well as several Portuguese players!

The same goes for Nirath. In addition to English, German and Spanish-speaking players, many gamers from Scandinavia and the Benelux countries are well represented in our kingdom.


To strengthen our community we are looking for:

  • Counts and mayors / barons
  • Guilds, groups and families
  • Player Communities
  • Players (with own goals or ideas)


We welcome all playing styles:

  • PvE and PvP players
  • Genre newcomers and veterans
  • Casual- and Hardcore-Players
  • Opportunity- and full-time roleplayers



Like many other communities, we do offer...

  • our own website
  • our own forum
  • our own Discord Server

What makes us stand out is...

  • an active, nice and helpful (international) Community
  • a leadership with many years of experience in the leadership of guilds / clans and online communities
  • others are talking about it, but we really have active role players ;-)
  • a community with its own duchy
  • no expectation that you are constantly (daily) online; especially before game release
  • real life is first


You want to be part of Avaland? We're really glad! So that you and us can get to know each other better, it would be great if you would register as a CANDIDATE at our DISCORD CHANNEL*. Click on the Discord logo and just join our discord!

VISITORS as well as CONTACT SEEKERS and DIPLOMATS are welcome in Avaland / Avagast Discord.

discord red2

*Discord is a free program for text and voice chat, which is used by Soulbound as well as most of the kingdoms, and that you can download as an APP or use it in the browser.